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A brief discription about us

B.E.C is an educational, Non-profitable and Non-Governmental organization (NGO) registered at Government of Nepal and Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2012. This organization is currently being run by a group of voluntary workers with its major focus on providing quality education, promoting health, enhancing family unity and community awareness in the targeted villages in Nepal. Majority of the children under our care are people, who are from marginalized and disadvantaged groups and also at a high risk of being trafficked. The organization aims to uplift these youths and, provide them with opportunities through self-help projects, thereby aiding in the overall development of the country

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Main Role

To play main role for giving education for the people who are considered to be marginalized ones

To establish well centered skill full manpower

To provide free education and awareness of people and develop self- dependence as well.To make familiar environment and develop cooperation between every caste people.





Friendly Support

To provide psychological social consoling for students and their families for eradicating the social problems from their life.


To extend our tuition center regionally, geographically so that many marginalized people could be given chance to come in the main stream of society and other points which should be improved in Terakoya.


poverty eradication

Searching those Families whose monthly income is below 10,000.


Some low caste people of Sundarijal (untouchable in society) family are given classes of art of living.


Those who are disabled physically but are interested to get better chance in studies as well as extra activities are given better priorities.


Kids those who do not have someone to depend upon (Orphan child)

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Providing various services

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Salvador Sanchez


Bijeta Eco-Foundation is providing various services to the people who are below the rate of poverty. i am happy to be a part of it.

Marie Schrader


when i think about children welfare then first time come into my mind i.e. Bijteta-Eco_foundation.

Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Badri Khanal

Chief Executive Officer

Has been working in various projects for the welfare of society and providing various services to the people who are having hand to mouth problems.




Acquired a knowledge of accounting and helping Bijeta Eco Community as any manner as he can.

BISHAL khanal


Acting as a manager at Bijeta Eco-Community. Also woring as a full time employeed for the education and poverty alleviation.

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