Welcome to B.E.C

Introduction of Organization

B.E.C is an educational, Non-profitable and Non-Governmental organization (NGO) registered at Government of Nepal and Social Welfare Council (SWC) in 2012. This organization is currently being run by a group of voluntary workers with its major focus on providing quality education, promoting health, enhancing family unity and community awareness in the targeted villages in Nepal. Majority of the children under our care are people, who are from marginalized and disadvantaged groups and also at a high risk of being trafficked. The organization aims to uplift these youths and, provide them with opportunities through self-help projects, thereby aiding in the overall development of the country. B.E.C is working for the children’s to make them educated and also provide many trainings such as sewing etc. for income generating ,their latest project is mentioned below:

(T.T.C) is the branch of Bijeta Eco Community which focuses on the problems of society people and help to eradicate the marginalized people by bringing them in the main stream of society, trying to remove their problem. As Terakoya tuition center was established on 2015, July-24. It has been successful in providing quality education to all students in extremely Sundarijal areas of Nepal, with special focus to poor and the students who come from poor and disadvantaged family backgrounds. Terakoya Tuition Center was established from the support of Mika Takagi and Badri Khanal who focused mostly those kinds of children who were completely down and out through various personal social problems. Especially it was started after the earthquake and has been still running for the improvement of studies of children and helping various parents and peoples for getting employment with an aim of eradicating poverty.

Under B.E.C, helping people around the rural areas people mainly this NGO is focused for children and orphanage as well. Currently this organization has been providing education to an orphan girl   Lubishma and other children around Sundarijal areas. T.T.C is a new project for this organization with the support of Japanese lady Mika Takagi and Chairman Badri Khanal. He claimed that ‘Such projects not only eradicate problems of people but also provide opportunity of learning the social environment of our country’. Thus the Ngo is quite famous for its dignity and hard work who has been contributing a lot for peoples of Nepal.